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The Struggle with Selling Your Car Privately in 2023

Most people have experience with purchasing or selling a car in the private market or have at least heard from people who have. There are plenty of horror stories out there about sellers who were forced to deal with scammers and rude people who attempted to lowball at every opportunity. While selling your car privately eliminates the need to pay a third party for assistance, it does open yourself up to facing these potential problems. Often it is worth utilising the services of a professional car seller, giving yourself peace of mind that your car will be sold quick and easy by an experienced team.

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The Problems with Selling Your Car Privately

Stubborn People

The main issue with attempting to privately sell your car is that you must deal with potential buyers directly, if you are able to reach them at all that is. While there will be some genuinely nice people interested in buying your car, there is equally the chance that you will have to deal with rude or stubborn people who seem dedicated to wasting your time and offering a deal that falls well short of your asking price. When they do agree to terms there is also the chance that they don’t show up to seal the deal, forcing you back to square one with nothing to show for it.


If it is your first time selling your car privately, it is easy to fall prey to scammers that are seeking to separate you from your wallet. While that person with two kids and a cute dog may seem trustworthy on Facebook Marketplace, they could just as easily be a bot designed to secure your bank details and steal your hard-earned savings. Working with a professional car seller ensures you are protected from such scams, as they work with a network of verified buyers to provide you with a selling process that is safe and easy.


The hardest part of selling your car is getting word out there that it is for sale, as no one can buy it if they don’t know it’s available. While modern technology means you no longer must rely on sticking a for sale sign on your car and hoping someone drives past, it can be tricky to navigate the various apps and websites that are available. Advertising your car online means you need to take high-quality photos to present your car in the best light, while providing all the necessary information that potential buyers may ask. This stage is overwhelming for those with no experience selling something online, which is why many turn to car sellers to take care of the advertising for them.

Negotiating the Price

Everyone loves a bargain, and while you may set a price that you believe is fair for your vehicle, buyers are always going to try and negotiate a better deal for themselves. All your research about the current market price for your car means nothing when your potential buyers refuse to pay up, meaning you may be caught in a long negotiation where the buyer risks walking away at any time. While working with a professional car seller does not mean you will secure your desired price, they take care of the negotiating phase for you, allowing you to take it easy as they work to secure you the best possible price.


Nobody likes having to fill out paperwork, with the process of selling a vehicle requiring several forms to be filled out by both the buyer and seller to seal the new ownership. Selling your car privately means you are solely responsible for securing all this paperwork, having to sign forms on your end while also chasing down the buyer to provide you with necessary information. This process risks being a major pain, especially if the buyer is unreliable and fails to meet you at the specified times. A third-party seller takes care of the paperwork for you, making the entire process quick and easy for you as you don’t need to deal with the buyer at all.

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