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Tips on Selling a Car

Selling your car can be a hassle, whether it’s your first time or fifth time. However, did you know that there are some simple ways to optimise the resale value of your beloved set of wheels that could make all the difference in the final offer? In this blog, we offer some tips on selling a car that will help you get a great deal for your vehicle.

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Tips on selling a car


When your car has been well-maintained and well-looked after, it offers you the best chance of getting top dollar when it comes time to sell. Maintenance should be completed on schedule, and can include replacing brake pads or oil changes, while any existing dents or scratches should be fixed before they have a chance to worsen. Don’t overlook stereo systems and other accessories, which should be kept in good condition too as these not only contribute significantly towards your car’s worth, but they also enhance your driving experience.

Presentation is key

Keeping a car in excellent condition can help to increase its value over time. Interested buyers will judge a car not only on the quality of the engine and wheels but also on its appearance. The exterior should be thoroughly washed on a regular basis and, if you want to go the extra mile, waxed, and detailed to keep the paint looking shiny and scratch-free. In the interior, it’s important to maintain good hygiene standards by vacuuming regularly and keeping any leather upholstery conditioned, as well as paying attention to all details such as dashboard trim and window displays. Ensure you clean up any rubbish laying on or under the seats and that the car has a pleasant smell.

Set a price

Doing research before you set a price for your vehicle is crucial in making sure the sale goes smoothly. If you undervalue your car, you won’t be getting a high market rate and could potentially lose out on a large profit. On the other hand, going too high with your pricing can present a potential obstacle as buyers don’t have the incentive to purchase if they could get the same quality for a much lower cost at another seller. By researching the current market trends and prices of similar vehicles in the area, you will be able to create a fair price that doesn’t deter any potential buyers away while allowing you to get top dollar for your car.

Gather the paperwork

Selling your car can be a complicated business, so one of our tips on selling a car is to get all relevant paperwork in order to make sure that you get the best possible price for your car and ensure the process goes seamlessly. This includes logbooks, warranty information and current registrations. On top of that, if you reside in Queensland, all cars must have a roadworthy certificate before they can be sold legally, to ensure that they are safe to drive. Doing so will save time, effort, and money down the track!

Sell through a service

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